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Cubase 6 external sequencing problem

Hello I have a QY700 external sequencer to control cubase. I record midi tracks into qy700 and play vst instruments inserted in differents tracks in Cubase 6. I set up the transformer in each midi track in Cubase to filter each track received from the qy, so that midi track 1 in Cubase play midi track 1 from qy, midi track 2 in Cubase play midi track 2 from qy, etc.. Problem : Cubase only plays the track that is selected. For example, if I select track 2 in cubase, it will play the track 2 from qy700, but track 1 doesnt play what the midi track 1 from qy700 is sending.. certainly some simple parameter to allow this, but cant find where it is.. thanks a lot for you help!


Jeff Hayat Sun, 07/01/2012 - 15:37
It's possible that the Cubase tracks need to be record enabled for you to hear all of the qy tracks. And selecting the track will record enable it, assuming you have that pref set. Try selecting multiple tracks in Cubase, either with ctrl+click, or shift+click. Or you could just click the record button on each track, but it's a bit more tedious that way. Those tracks you have selected will now be record enabled; see if you hear all of the qy tracks routed to those Cubase tracks by doing this.


saugy Sun, 07/01/2012 - 16:33
It Works Now!

Hello Jeff!

Thanks a lot for your efficient and fast help, yes it is now working, that's beautifull :-) I just had in fact to click on the small speaker to listen to the track, as for the audio tracks..I had no hope since I tried things from last friday, so thanks so much!

Maybe I will abuse but as you seem to know well that soft, can I ask you another question : The qy700 is slaved by MTC and control cubase by MMC. Do you know a way to slave cubase to midi clock? I already read in the maunal that slaing cubase by midi clock is not possible, but maybe there is a way to do this. So that when I loop some bars in qy700 it will loop also in cubase, and when I change the tempo it would change as well.
I know midi clock is not really accurate, but some other softwares accept this way of doing things.
Because now for the moment, I have to put myself the same bpm on both cubase and qy, and if I want to loop I have to do it manually in both stations. If there is no way of doing this simpler I will keep it like that.

Anyway, again, thanks for your help!

Kapt.Krunch Mon, 07/02/2012 - 04:54
Not sure why you are trying to control Cubase with the Yamaha? What I would probably do (if you are accustomed to creating sequences in the Yamaha) is go ahead and create them, then record the MIDI data over to Cubase. Once that data is recorded, you can assign the sounds to the tracks, and let the Cubase handle it.

What you are doing is sending data down a MIDI cable to the computer, the computer has to process it, and Cubase has to load the VSTi and play it back through whatever soundcard or interface you have. Every step takes time. If you have the MIDI tracks recorded into Cubase, you eliminate the Yamaha to computer, computer to Cubase time.

Then, using Cubase as Master, the Yamaha should be able to respond fairly quickly (as slave), if you want to use any of its sounds, which you can then record in as audio.

MIDI data takes up very little disk space.

I doubt you need to use MMC. MMC (MIDI Machine Control) is more for controlling transport functions for things like hard disk recorders, tape decks, etc. It's better for the audio recording device to be the Master, and a simple MIDI device to be Slave. Simple MIDI Sync should work fine for controlling the Yamaha from Cubase. (Syncing schemes like MTC/MMC, Word Clock, SMPTE, etc. can get very complicated, and depends on the equipment and uses.)

Assuming the Yamaha can send all performance data (continuous controller, volume, pan, etc.), you have Cubase set to recognize all data the Yamaha sends to record to the track, and the Yamaha can receive all that data back to respond to it, then you could actually just use the Yamaha, at that point, as a simple sound module, if you want. If you wish to use a VSTi sound along with a Yamaha sound, you could even copy the track, and microtweak the Yamaha and VSTi tracks separately. (Though, there may be some minor latency and timing issues between the two.) If you did this, you really wouldn't need to have the sequence in the Yamaha "start and follow" Cubase. You are just triggering the sounds assigned to the tracks and channels. The Yamaha doesn't "run". (I THINK that should be the case.)

One of the reasons Cubase states that it won't run properly slaved to MTC/MMC has to do with audio. Audio doesn't synchronize properly with MIDI controlling it. Digital audio needs a stable time clock, and that is more elaborate than MIDI can provide. That's why Cubase should be the Master, either with internal timing set to audio, or from an outboard Word Clock, etc. MIDI generally follows audio rather easily. Audio glitches and stutters and locks up if it's trying to follow MIDI.

Anyway, that's what I would try, unless there is some reason you absolutely need the Yamaha to be Master. I'm not sure I can think of a reason, but then, I don't know everything. Whatever it may be, you'll never get audio tracks to sync properly to MIDI. MIDI has no problem following audio.

If you are not even using the Yamaha sounds, then you only need to worry about getting the MIDI data into Cubase, and letting Cubase do the rest. It would likely be much more efficient than trying to trigger software sounds from an external device....AND, you'll likely have even more (and more efficient) editing capabilities.

Good luck,



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