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Cubase: Cannot Get Output Device to Active

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Windows XP Home
Cubase SX
MAudio Delta 1010
Alesis Multi-mix 8 mixer


I cannot get Cubase to show my output device as active. It shows my input as active and I can record, but I can get no playback. I have checked Windows device manager and the MAudio card is there and Windows recognizes it as the sound adaptor. But no matter what I seem to do inside Cubase I cannot get it to activate an output device. Wish I could better descrive my situation but I'm rther new to this thing. Thanks!


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hueseph Thu, 01/10/2008 - 16:31
There is a speaker icon in the channel. If the track is record enabled, you will not be able to hear anything from that track. The speaker icon let's you monitor the input channel while you are not recording and in record enabled mode. Have you read the manual regarding this?