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Cubase + Colossus

I just got EastWest's Colossus MIDI software and I use Cubase to record. Currently, I have figured out how to track the sound from Colossus as just an audio track in Cubase, but not MIDI. Is there a way to record MIDI data into Cubase using the MIDI Effects from Colossus? Is this a "rewire" thing I'm looking at? Any advice?

Also, my MIDI keyboard is connected via USB rather than a MIDI cable. Can Cubase record the MIDI data via USB, or must it be through a MIDI cable?



pr0gr4m Mon, 08/21/2006 - 19:08
You're kidding right? You spent 600 dollars on recording software and 900 dollars on a sample library (assuming it was purchased new) and you don't even know how to use the stuff? They both have manuals that came with the software and can be aquired online. RTFM! I did.

Now that I've had my is what you do.

Yes, your MIDI keyboard transmits MIDI data through the USB port and that data CAN be recorded. Do you have a MIDI channel open in Cubase? Do you have your USB MIDI device set up as the input for that MIDI channel? If not, do both of those things. Direct the MIDI output of the channel to Colossus. Now, enable the MIDI channel for recording and make sure that you are not filtering out any MIDI channels on it. Hit record then start playing your MIDI keyboard. That should allow you to record MIDI data.