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Cubase SE 1 headphone mix help

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I am a drummer and recording myself for practice as well as to make tracks to give to my drum teacher at the local music store to recommend me for gigs(demos basically). I am using the following equipment

Dual Processor G5 with Cubase SE 1
Audio Buddy Dual Mike Preamp/ Direct Inbox ( 2 imputs) w/ Phantom Power
A samson omni directional mike and a Shure 58
Vic Firth Isolation headphones.

My issue involves headphone mixes.

I can record and mix tracks fine with my set up. However, I would like to remove my drum sound from my headphone mix entirely( I can hear myself fine through my isolation headphones on). The mix in my headphones with the tracks I am recording to is very cluttered and makes it very hard to give a full performance when I have all this other drum sound stuff going on. My ultimate goal is to fully mute both my kick drum sound and the mike that I am using for overheads.

What I am doing is I have VST on manual mode with the default settings. I have 2 mike inputs for controlled to go to 2 seperate tracks so I can multi track

Overheads are on Track one
Kick is on Track 2
Backing track or the music I am recording my drums to is on Track three

I would just like to mute the sounds of track 1 and 2 in my headphone mix but still have the recorded signal in the tracks where they are assigned.

Any walkthrough that could be offered would be awesome. Thanks in advance.