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Cubase VST plug-in help!

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Hi there

I am currently operating Cubase SX3. It comes with a horde of plug-ins, plus I just downloaded the Fish Fillets plug-in (compression tools etc.).

All the above plug-ins are sitting in the Vstplugins folder in the Cubase directory and appear in the Plug-in sub-menu under the Audio menu in Cubase. However, they seem to be grayed out.

Am I missing something here? I've looked all over the manual and there doesn't seem to be any info to help me. I've actually recorded the vocals i want to subject the blockfish compression to already (i'm guessing the compression can be applied post-recording, though regardless of that fact, I still can't access the plug-ins).

I've also been told about normalising tracks, if they've been recorded at a low volume to get them up to a desirable level, though I haven't been able to find the function in Cubase.

Please help (first question most important) . Thanks

P.S. All the plug-ins have been 'ticked' as available in the plug-in information window.