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DAE error 9060 on protools

Hello, please help me
each time i would like to record with my protools HD on my firewire or internal harddrive, i encountered this following message:
"DAE error 9060 was encountered"
please, please could you find a solution?



Alécio Costa -… Sun, 04/18/2004 - 11:27

I´m not usre now, but are you guys using old drives? I used to have this with older slowwwwwwwww drives.
Also: are you guy into heavy edits? Try consolidating, bouncing jammed tracks.
Go to preferences and reduce the maximum recording time. This will reduce the time it gets to access the HDs. For example, if you plan recording a song around 5 minutes, set this parameter to 6 minutes or so.
Defrag your Hds weekly also
Hope it helped ya
( Who would say I would be...) -lol