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Is Digital Performer better than Pro-Tools LE?

I just spoke to a senior guy at Motu and he was telling me all the differences between them. I think he has me sold on it. He recommended throwing a question like this on a forum to get views from other professionals. Whats the scoop?


gdoubleyou Tue, 05/22/2007 - 15:49
I own DP4.1 it is a very solid DAW, and I like it. DP5 has a solid set of effects plugs, they also added a few virtual instruments.

But I fell inlove with the Logic virtual Instruments and Logic Pro is currently my primary DAW.

I will upgrade to DP5 later this year, mainly for Melodyne-like pitch correction in DP5.

If you own any other DAW you can crossgrade to DP5 for $395 an excellent value.