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dm 24 Mackie db8 etc this big

dm 24 Mackie or db8 ?

I got a dm 24 only but only tdif will do 24/96
I heard the Mackie d8b will do 24 96 lightpipe

Anyone have 1st hand experience with both of these?


Scott Gould Sat, 03/09/2002 - 20:47
The d8b will not do 96khz, 24bit 48khz is the maximum resolution. The pre-amps are usable, but not stellar, the same with the converters. The automation features and routing possibilities are excellent & the ergonomics first rate. Two must haves for a d8b are the Apogee clock card and the Massenburg EQ (and UFX cards to run it on). With a few choice pieces of outboard gear, the d8b is capable of world class productions. If you're coming from an analog background, the d8b is by far the quickest board to learn. There are some who deride anything Mackie makes as "pro-sumer" or second rate, but the d8b is definitely a cut above thir compact mixers & P.A. stuff. The main objections I've heard from nay-sayers are:
1) the pre-amps.
2) the converters
3) the fader resolution
4) the onboard DSP

My take on these objections:
1) while I wouldn't use them for lead vocals or acoustic instruments in a sparse mix, they aren't terrible, and outboard pre-amps are a given in any studio above a certain level.
2) the Apogee clock card improves these remarkably, and outboard dedicated wordclock even more, and you can always get outboard converters if this still isn't good enough for you.
3) personally, this has never bothered me, but if you really need to move things around by 0.1db, you can use the digital trim on each channel & automate it.
4) this was a problem under OS 2.0 - since the release of 3.0 the EQ, compression & gating on each channel is much improved, and the UFXplug-insrange from fair to phenomenal. Again, if you need the horsepower, you can connect outboard gear (8 channels) via the Alt.I/O slot - either analog or 24bit digital.

What do you want for a 56 input board with full automation under $10,000? I've had mine for over 3-1/2 years and I would buy it all over again today, even with the newer choices out there now. Sure, the DMX R-100 boasts better specs (at twice the price), but the automation & ease of use on the d8b are second to none IMO.

Just one satesfied user's 2¢ ...




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