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Don't Shoot me, cuz this purchase is coming soon and i

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Triton Rack Mount vs Korg Karma

My equipment set up as of now is an ASR-X, EMU PLanet Phatt, Yamaha PSR420, wit SONAR seq.

and i'm primarily a Hip Hop, RnB, and Pop(all music genres cross that line)

from my visits at samash they told me Karma is better for less musically inclined people or people who don't know how to play the piano read notes etc(thats me)

but the other hand triton industry standard but i guess wit less "complete" melodies as notes because the samash rep told me its more beneficial to a pianist

what are ur thoughts?

I had to put it in this forum cuz its more lively then the keyboard midi one ;)


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archived member Tue, 10/16/2001 - 05:02
I think the karma is a bit like using pre made midi loops and stuff like that, kind of cheap in other words... but thats just me :)

Though I guess you can use the karma to get unpreticted results that inspire creative things aswell....

Do you use the PSR keyboard as a controller? I think the triton keyboard model would be a much cooler master keyboard (the karma too for that sake).

Part of what makes the triton so popular is its "clickscreen" interface which you don't get in the rack version.... Something to think about perhaps. But it depends on your budget too.

If you want something less expensive you could try the sampletank software which runs as a plugin with sonar. It has some nice sounds and can also work as a sampler. The top model is about 500 dollars I think...

Well, good luck anyway.. :)

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archived member Tue, 10/16/2001 - 07:55
I don't think how beneficial one or the other will be to you has anything to do with whether or not you play piano or read music. I know tons of people that can't read a note or play piano that make a ton of great music using the Triton, Karma or ANY synth for that matter. The sounds in the Triton and the Karma are the same. They can both be upgraded with additional PCM sample cards and the MOSS synth upgrade. The main differences is that the Triton has a sampler built in (useful for production of music whether you play or not), and the Karma has a sophisticated auto-accompaniment generator (you play a chord and it automatically creates a part for you). Other than that the Triton has a subjectively "better" feeling keyboard and build quality. So, do you want a sampler built-in (Triton) or auto-accompaniment (Karma)? IMO, that's what this decision comes down to. FWIW, I own the Triton. Hope this helps.