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DROOLL'NDOGG ReCords Project

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Thanks everyone for participating on the other songs I have posted. I've been a member here for so long that it was like a stroll through the old garden for me. I pulled most of them down simply because I didn't feel it necessary to populate this page with all the productions I have done in the last few years. .there's a bunch.

That being said I'd like to share this one for a bit. This was a special project for me. It involved downloading tracks from the artist's previous recordings on a tabletop digital recorder. It also involved trust issues and developing the music to the point it is now. Producing already recorded music and hopefully improving it is hard work especially emotionally for the artist.

I'll explain if anyone is interested.

This is a from a Praise record called "A STATE OF GRACE" The artist is Myron Leroy who is called to preach the gospel through his music. It is unlike any other Praise music I have ever heard and this is what drew me to it.

This one is "FEAR NOT MY CHILD" enjoy

Attached files 05 Fear Not My Child.mp3 (14.5 MB)