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Drums with Battery & Logic Pro

Hi guys

just a quick question that may be a little silly but I am slighty confussed what to do.

All I basically want to know is should I use a Mono or stereo output from NI's battery into logic for my Kick, Hats, snare's etc etc.

I am starting out producing electronic music and am insure if I should use a mono or stereo signal for each different sound.

hope this makes sense and somebody can help me

thanks in advance



ouzo77 Thu, 12/28/2006 - 02:01
it depends on your sounds.

usually you have one mono track for kick and one for snare (except if you have a nice stereo snare sample). then you should route your cymbals together to a stereo output inside battery. the same with the toms.
pan your cymbals and toms in battery where you want them to be.
this way you can work all the cymbals as one track, like the overhead-mic track.
now you should have 4 tracks for your drums (5 if you have an extra mono track for your hihat, which doesn't make much sense with samples)
kick (mono), snare (mono) toms (stereo) and cymbals (stereo)
put your eq's or/and compressors on the tracks as inserts, reverb as sends.
then route all tracks (including the send fx-buses) to a stereo bus.
there you can eq/compress/reverbarate the whole drumset if you like.

don't know if it's the common way, but it works really good for me.

hope this helps.

ouzo77 Thu, 12/28/2006 - 02:10
oh, I should read more carefully.

what I said was meant for realistic drum programming.
in electronic music you can do pretty much what you want.
when you have stereo samples use stereo tracks, if they're in mono then use mono outputs.
if you use different sounds on one output, use stereo.
it only depends on what you want to do.

but what I said in my previous post can also be applied with electronic sounds.