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Did you have any problems with synchronization of video file in Pro Tools session with Aurora Fuse card? I have the following configuration: - G4/400/320 MB, PT24MIXPlus, PT Expansion Chassis 7-slots (SBS), Digidesign-ATTO SCSI dual card, 2 IBM Ultrastar ultra160 9GB external drives conected to channel 2 and one Seagate Barracude 18 GB Ultra160 internal drive (for video)conected with internal cable and LVD terminator to channel 1 of SCSI card. When we try to move the video track in the session or to do few quick operations on any audio files, the whole system is freezing and there is info about Error -7207 and Message ID 9161. Of course Pro Tools works correctly without the video track in the session.Do you have any idea what's going on?

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