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finally got some nice stuff

i got the new api a2d and the spec eq, now i got this for kick and snare and guitar and vox overdubs, the spec eq is going to be mainly for kick on tracking and mixing, what i'd like to get next is a compressor for tracking, for mostly kick, and vox, i mostly do metal/rock bands and i need an upfront tight kick, and on vox need to keep it leval so that they don't clip my a/d. now i'm pretty much out of money at this point and i was looking at some less expensive eqs, such as the rnc and rnl or the art compressor. they are both inexpensive, and i in the future want to get my hands on a distressor cause they look sweet, and look like they'll color the sound quite nicely.

any feedback would be great, thanks


J-MADD Sun, 07/23/2006 - 08:25
I have both the RNC and distressor. I love the distressor on vocals. They put them in your face, but control them nicely (get the brit mod). The rnc I wasn't too happy with on vocals, but does a great job in controling synthesizers and other keys. It is REALLY clean and adds no artifact to the sound, so you use it on tracks where you just want to control dynamics. Think of these two as completely opposite compressors. As far as the kick drum goes, I have never used either on one. I tend to compress after input on drum tracks if needed. Good luck.