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Fletcher: over the shoulder project

Hi Fletcher,

I read a while back, I believe in Harv's forum, that you were going to guide look over someone's shoulder in their project studio, and suggest improvements, techniques, etc.

Did this ever happen? I thought it sounded like a cool idea at the time.



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anonymous Mon, 05/07/2001 - 04:02

It wasn't a "guide/look over the shoulder" kind of thing...I cut my rate and did a few days of engineering for them. They learned a few things, they started to get a grasp of how to better utilize the equipment they already had, and where they had 'hardware deficiencies'.

I thought it went rather well, apparently they did too. I'm going to be going back to their place in a few weeks when they get up to "mixing" and 'mix' a couple of their songs for them...perhaps that too will be of assistance (maybe not).

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hargerst Mon, 05/07/2001 - 14:48

I can!! First thing I do is look at another person's mix, and I'll start kicking out all the eqing they've done. "Why'd you do this?"

"Well, I boosted the the kick to get it big, but it was so big, it was swallowing the bass guitar, so I boosted the bottom on the electric bass, but that washed out the bottom on the guitars, so I had to boost the bottom on the guitars, and then..."

So I start fresh and add eq judiciously. Most mixes I hear are way too muddy and too bottom heavy, and usually with too many effects.

realdynamix Mon, 05/07/2001 - 15:31

Hey Cymbals, I am glad you asked, I was wondering too. Thought they may have forced Fletcher into slave labor. If your still around, Fletcher, do you think you might want to visit South Florida for a tweek? Your clients had to freak at the difference. Or they didn't understand. Got any before and after samples?


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anonymous Mon, 05/07/2001 - 18:42

Yeah...I can do South Florida...but not from June to November, way too fuckin' hot for this Northern boy. Sometime around 'spring training' is seriously attractive...I like baseball almost as much as motorcycles and narcotics (odd combination ain't it).

Give me a shout at the shop, or shoot me an e-mail if you're serious...while I'll be happy to help you out for a reduced rate, I do not fly coach. A man has to draw the line somewhere...

As far as the "before & after" was more about 'theory' than correction. It was more like a lesson in approach rather than specific excecution.

realdynamix Mon, 05/07/2001 - 19:44

Then I suppose the company Lear would be OK? 10 Minutes to the NEW training stadium near PGA national, 2 minutes to the beach, and the 70'sportfisherman, sailfish garuntee!
2" steaks, and green bottled beers. You may end up relocating, bout time isn't it?
We shall see what can be done! LOL

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anonymous Wed, 05/09/2001 - 03:15

Rick-The Lear/Gulfstream thing is convenient, but frankly it's often a kinda bumpy ride. I really prefer the big when they go down, I may be one of the first to die, but there are a couple hundred comin' with me. I don't know why, it's just a more comforting thought.

I don't do golf, nor fishing, but the steaks sound good...and you can make that 'Bud' in 12oz. Aluminum cans, "Green Bottles" are for the band...I'm strictly 'crew'. :roll:

alphajerk Fri, 05/11/2001 - 10:33

Originally posted by Fletcher:
...and you can make that 'Bud' in 12oz. Aluminum cans, "Green Bottles" are for the band...I'm strictly 'crew'. :D newcastle is my budweiser but they arent in green bottles and not available in cans.

know what you mean about coach, it makes it more enticing to go by car rather than be cramped up in those seats... first class is the ONLY way to fly... i cant do those small planes either, the larger ones [gulfstreams?] are nice though.

all we have is minor league baseball here, but we have thirsty thursdays [32oz. for a buck] hard to walk out of those games :D

Punchmo Fri, 05/11/2001 - 18:28


The Newcastles work for me too but, they do come in cans and, 16 ounce at that. I got one, bought it in Newcastle, England and brought it home. It's sitting on my office desk...never drank it. Shit, gonna have to stop talking about that damn can or it will be gone :)