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Focusrite Liquid Channel advise


I'm doing some recording later to evaluate the Focusrite Liquid Channel for a school project. I know how to set it up and use it but I don't no what the difference in all the settings will be.

I'll have a singer in the studio but only for an hour or so and I'd like to make the best use of my time. Can someone advise me on a range of different settings I could test. I'd like to illustrate the full potential of the Liquid Channel so I'd like to use settings that sound different to each other. Also if anyone could advise me on settings that would highlight the different compressor emulators and preamp emulators seperatly it would really help me out.

I'll have the singer and an acoustic guitar in the studio so maybe someone will know settings that work well for each sound, and for both being recorded together. If I also knew settings that would not be advisable for each situation then I could highlight the difference in settings.

I know I'm asking a lot on my first post but any help at all would be greatly appreciated,

Many Thanks,