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fret wire problem

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my guitar is LTD Deluxe m1000fm i have a damaged 14th fret that has a very tiny cut on it when ever play a note on that fret on B string only then i get a buzz sound i think that needs replacement kindly give me some info like the type of fret wire to replace the old one, i will have to order from abroad and here in our area i will have to do it my self, iv seen some vdos on the youtube regarding changing frets, what else should i be taking care of thanks.


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sshack Fri, 05/16/2008 - 06:14
Changing a single fret will more than likely be a cause for a complete crown and dressing of the other frets. Simply put (unless the guitar is relatively new and unplayed), you're putting a new fret with worn ones.
I would suggest taking it to a reputable shop to have the work done. If however you're bent on doing it yourself you'll want to contact the maker of the guitar, or just look up the specs as to which fret wire they used for your particular model.

Good luck.