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Fx teleport as a dsp solution for nuendo?

Ok, So i'm helping a friend mix an album iside the box( nuendo) and we really love using a lot of plugins and fx sends. The problem is, as is always, that some mixes require a lot more processing due mostly to how creative we like to get with mixes. Now, we have been looking for a way to "share the load" per say and ran into fx teleport. We hear reviews that it is better than Vst system link. Its suppose to link two computers and wrap your plugins in LAN setting and move their processing to a slave computer. Does this really work as they say it does? will this really take a big load of my cpu and help with plugins or do i have to keep exporting stems? is there any dsp solution out there that even come close to TDM architecture in pro tools hd, for other software? all ideas welcome!
heres the link