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general purpose condenser pair?

Hey guys, it's time to buy the initial start-up mics for our studio, I have everything picked out, but I'm having trouble deciding on some general purpose condensers, for drum overheads, room micing, acoustic guitars, etc... I'm leaning towards the R0DE NT1-A, but I don't see a way to order a matched pair?


zemlin Fri, 01/19/2007 - 20:43
multi-pattern, dewd.
I know it's a stretch when you're just starting out, but multipattern mics are SOOOO much more versatile than cardioids - your investment will go much farther.

My first multipattern LDC mics was a pair of Studio Projects C3s, and they've served me well. I still use them often. I upgraded this summer to a pair of Rode NT2000s - not matched, but plenty close for stereo work.

I started off with a couple pair of cardioid mics, but I feel like I didn't REALLY start learning the fun stuff until I got the C3s. It's a whole other world.

Figure-8 is a kewl pattern - you can play some neat games with figure-8 mics.

aracu Sat, 01/20/2007 - 09:10
Great versatile multipattern small condenser is the Sennheiser
800. Very high output, and extended high frequency range. If
placed too close to an instrument they can pick up too much
detail, which can sound harsh and unnatural, otherwise they can be
surprisingly smooth and open sounding.