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Getting the name out

Hey all,

a friend and I are starting our own production company after a couple successful projects together and we're hoping for some advice.

We have some great connections that have allowed us good deals on time at some local (very well equipped) studios. We're curious as to how you go about getting your name out, and building a client base. We have done a number of projects for free, but we can't afford to do that forever?

Any thoughts, tips, tricks, warnings?


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anonymous Sun, 01/27/2002 - 16:25

Help the acts you have already produced in any way...
Meanwhile figure out a way to cut the studios 'in' for a piece of the action in case your clients wallets dont get bigger as soon as you hope...
Work on a no or low cash survival plan. Survival is key!
Get out and network, go to gig's - talent nights get a music biz directory and target managers in your area...

Good luck!