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hello, i made a post in the "recording forum" about my ILOK experience, and lets say, i'm not too happy with it.

so I'm wondering what everyone recommends for a good quality plugins that DONOT USE AN ILOK, Here's what i'm looking for:

EQ up to 6 bands
usable reverb
and a limiter.

now i'm willing to pay for them, i'm not looking to get this shit for free, but i don't want all these hidden fees and have it be a pain in my ass like waves and the ILOK did to me, i feel pretty raped after dealing with them. i want to get something new and switch all my old sessions to the new plugins, and then take my 500 dollar waves investment and flush it down the toilet. until they get their shit together and work with people and understand that clients can't wait and their needs to be a better way to keep track of who legitimately buys their products and then takes care of them after spending lots of money with them.