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helo this week i m buying a mic preamp and i m hesitating between the Great River ME-1NV and the Vintech or X73
i will likely use it on vox only
i have a very powerful voice
any commments < not on my voice!> would be appreciated
i like that 1073 sound
thank you


StevenColbert Sun, 04/02/2006 - 15:30

Not sure what else to say other than, I like my Great River on vocals. It's a great sounding pre for vocals (and other stuff as well). I wish I had some Vintech.
I also do not own a Groove Tubes ViPre, but I've read enough reviews on it to know it might be the "go to" pre for vocals when cost is not an issue.
The Great River can sound real calm or very aggresive, it has lots of textures between the load button options and seperate input/output gain knobs.

atlasproaudio Mon, 04/03/2006 - 22:30

That's one choice where no one is going to be able to tell you what's better for your voice with the microphone you happen to be using. They are quite different preamps and will accentuate different frequencies and their distortion characteristics are different too. I own the following preamps below (we are a recording studio and rental company too), and out of all of these, I have yet to find a sure thing 'go to' preamp specifically for vocals. For instruments, yes, but vocals there are as many variables as there are sequences of DNA (I suppose identical twins might sound the same but even environment and health are going to play a role there).

(2) Buzz Audio MA2.2 with Sowter XFMRS
(2) Buzz Audio SSA1.1 with Sowter XFMRS
(1) Buzz Audio ARC 1.1 Preamp (Channel)
(2) Millennia Media HV3-B (Origin)
(2) Millennia Media M2-B (Origin)
(2) Pendulum MDP-1
(2) Chandler TG-Channel ("Beatles Era/EMI/Abbey Road")
(2) Martech MSS-10
(1) Mercury AM16
(1) Mercury M72m
(1) Mercury M76m
(1) Mercury Grand Pre Calrec
(4) Vintech Neve 473 Mic Pre/EQ
(2) Vintech Neve 1272 60dB Mod
(2) Vintech Neve X73i Mic Pre/EQ
(2) Brent Averill Neve 1272
(2) Brent Averill Api 312
(11) Old School Audio
MP1-A, MP1-C, MP1-L, MP1-L3
(2) Great River MP-2NV

anonymous Sat, 04/08/2006 - 23:15

If you like the 1073 sound, then why don't you buy a 1073?....

If it's due to the cost, you would do yourself a great dis-service without checking out the Aurora Audio GTQ2mkIII and Brent Averill 1073 units. I can safely say that the Great River doesn't sound like a 1073.. that doesn't make it bad by any means, just not like a 1073... I prefer not to comment on the Vintech, as it seems to have been widely discussed on this board.

The Brent Averill units are for the most part an authentic reproduction of a 1073. The Aurora unit is a 2 channel unit designed by Geoff Tanner (considered by many the authority on all things Neve, and his name is all over the 1073 schematic)..