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Help me set up Nuendo! (Pic included)

When I call up the Multimedia Setup for Nuendo 3, I get this screen:

I don't understand all the numbers, and I can change some of the figures in there (Audio Buffers, Buffer Size (Samples), Offset Samples, Audio Channels)

I don't use the M-Audio Fast Track like it says, I have the M-Audio Firewire, and I'm concerned that Nuendo's setup doesn't have the same data as my Firewire control interface (44.1 kHz, 64 buffer size)

If I try to change the buffer size down to 64 it raises it to 512 and then the test fails. If I change any of the numbers around to anything other than what is listed the test fails. I just want to optimize this because I know for certain that my audio interface has less than 4ms latency, and in Nuendo my latency is more than a second.

Can someone help me optimize this?


TeddyG Mon, 03/13/2006 - 22:09
Another thing I notice on your, included, screen-shot is a "help" button. When you install a new piece of software, just going to each setup page and pressing the "help" button will generally offer a world of info on how to set it up yourself - often more, better, different info than you'll get even reading the, possibly(Likely?) outdated, printed manual.........


BTW: Long as we're here... Can someone tell me(Again! I forget, it's late.) why some of the forum pages are "overextending" the screen(Got to scroll to see it all.)? Maybe I should just click the "help" button, ey???

TeddyG Wed, 03/15/2006 - 14:24
Thankyou, David!

I asked because it's happened a couple of times, recently... and now that I think about it, the other one I can recall had a picture... Of course, if the forum automatically "squished" pic or graphic(At least just horizontally), to conform to the page width, the graphics would be, ahh... "squished", ey?

Smart forum!