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This one is getting really close - I shared it here before. What I'm trying to accomplish sonically is to have the verses drop big like a club music drop - sort of like a big singalong chorus (only for the verses) with the synth basses being really dominant -- as the song evolves from this hybrid club rock track I bring in more conventional instruments and give the bass guitar more prominence in the mix to tie the track together. I think I'm pretty close - is there anything that's not balanced here with those aims in mind? Thanks for giving this a listen again.


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SuperstarMasterOct10v1-2020.mp3 (9.8 MB) 


bouldersound Sun, 10/11/2020 - 12:03

That is a BIG shift in levels between the intro, verse and chorus. I'd be aiming to get the effect with density and arrangement more than raw volume jumps. When that huge first verse comes in, it just swamps the instrument foundation and makes them all sound really small. I think you could tuck the chorus vocal down lower so you can get that drop effect without the verse vocal being so loud. Maybe Joe Walsh's "Life's Been Good" would be a good model for this.

There's an overall 8kHz bump, especially in those verse vocals. It sounds a bit edgy to me.

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