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HELP: Mixing Rammstein/MM style

Hey guys. I've just discovered this site and really loved it. Lotta useful material 4 life. Not much material on my langauge(brazilian portuguese) in internet.

It should be another thread about mixing stuff etc, but I've used search and didn't find any thread related to this speciffic matter...

My band has just recorded a demo, 5 songs in a NIN/Rammstein/MM style. Heavy sound in general. I know about EQing and making bass and kick work together, let the bass and kick with the low frequencies' spaces, low-passing everything else, record a lot of guitar tracks so they get together in a same texture, etc etc, BUT, there's A LOT OF DIFFERENCE between a Punk/Grunge mixing tips I've found on internet and the style I wanna reach.

In these five songs, we've recorded so many tracks and tryed to get them into the same texture...Drumkit, distorted drum machine, percussion(lotta brazilian instruments), bass w/ FX, a lot of guitar tracks using fuzzes and metal dists, some parts clean w/ confusing delays., kaoss pads, some acoustic gtrs, pianos in some parts, a lot of analog synths, some ciello, a lot of voices with and without FX, loops, etc...The recording itself is fine. No problems like wrong micing, horrible guitar sound, etc.

So, what are your tips on mixing and mastering this kind of stuff? When it's a power trio I can easily pan and EQ what is necessary to, and still get a lotta space to work on it, to get the whole stuff working together, but never ever experienced mixing material like that, with such a large ammount of instruments. How could I get space to work with this whole stuff? Tons of compression?

Talking about references, listen to MM's songs Great Big White World and Rock is Dead. Another good reference is Rammstein's song Mein Teil and NIN's songs With Teeth and Hand that Feeds. As far as I could notice, despite it's heavy, a lot of instruments' tracks are mixed in more like details, composing a texture, not all tracks jumping in your face. This is the main challenge I found in mixing this whole stuff.

So, can anyone help me get there?




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