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Help Svp.: dbx 386 s/pdif output problems

hey, thanks for reading.
iv'e had my dbx 386 for some time now and i am still having trouble getting it to sing to my e-mu 1818 interface. there is no input in my spdif dsp channel. Cubase clock source is set to spdif but sample rate changes from the dbx don't affect the rate in cubase.
any ideas on what i might be doing wrong? what is dither and could this be a factor?

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RemyRAD Thu, 08/10/2006 - 10:15
You must set your DBX unit to a bit rate and sampling frequency that your audio card recognizes. There is no reason to be changing bit rates or sample rates. Your software allows you to select what bit rate and sample rate you wish to record in. It has no mind of its own so it only goes based on what you have selected and so you must select the same from your DBX unit. Select something that is mostly a universal standard like 16-bit 44.1kHz for both units. Then you shouldn't have any problems? Looking for the ultimate decibel? Fugettaboutit! Choose something that works.

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AudioGaff Thu, 08/10/2006 - 12:10
First there is no E-MU 1818. There is the 1616/1616M and 1820/1820M.

Check how you have PatchMix configured. Make sure that you have a S/PDIF strip in PatchMix and the S/PDIF and that Dock S/PDIF is assigned to either Mix or Mon in the Outputs (button over the TV screen) Check your Session Settings in PatchMix. Set optical I/O to S/PDIF if using S/PDIF optical, and set optical I/O to ADAT if using S/PDIF coax. If recording into the E-MU, then you should also set PatchMix to external sync, S/PDIF.