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How do you wire this connector?

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I just bought these tonight...

And I know how to solder the connectors on straight TS connectors. However this right angle TS connector doesnt seem to have the normal contact points. So Im wondering which point is the sleeve (common) and which point is the tip (hot)???

Just for clarification, is the body itself the sleeve contact, and the point with the screw is tip contact?

Here is what it looks like with the cover off. If it helps.


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21 years

Member Wed, 01/09/2008 - 08:13
soldering right angle 1/4" connector

the "hot lead" (insulated lead) can be soldered to the center terminal in a fairly conventional manner. just make sure that both the wire and the center of the post are properly tinned (you may need some solder paste)

the best way to solder the shield is take a file or some sandpaper and buff through the chrome plating on the backside of the connector shell on which the post is mounted. once you have penetrated the plating, normal solder will work-hot enough to thoroughly melt the solder but not so hot as to melt the insulation.

alternately, if you can't get the solder to bond to the connector body, you can twist the shield tightly, extend it beyond the edge of the connector and capture it against the connector shell by tightening the screws. not a great solution, but this will work in a pinch