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How much compression for TV?

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Assumed that i compose and produce music within Pro Tools Mix and the master will go to a Post suite, where they will add voices and sfx using a Fairlight Prodigy and then they will squash the result with a multiband compressor and finally it will be cut on D1:

How much compression should i apply?
If i compress much, the 2nd compression will kill the sound and if i don't compress enough, the final result will be less loud than the concurrence . what should i do?


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realdynamix Wed, 05/01/2002 - 00:00
Originally posted by joy4u:

How much compression should i apply????
I would produce like you normally do and the reason I say that is that once it's out of your hands, all kinds of things can happen to it. Case in point, I friend did the audio post for a TV spot. I saw the spot and noticed the entire center channel and V/O was missing. I realized that somewhere down the path to air, that a phase reversal in wiring caused the trouble. I brought it to his attention, and his reply was exactly as above.
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joe lambert Fri, 05/03/2002 - 06:05
I would not over compress it just because it's going out to TV land. Mix it as usual, if it happens to be a very dynamic piece of music, then error on the side of a little more comp. Once it's going out over the air they are going to run it through a hard limiter anyway. Try to get a copy of it after it leaves the post house to make sure it's what it should be.