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I heard the strangest thing at Sam Ash today

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:confused: While waiting for Buddy Guy to go onstage at the Cerritos, CA Perf Arts Center tonight (Thursday) I was talking to the sales dude (can I even call them a rep?) and I noticed that they sell RNCs(!) I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw it. And they were $189.95. It almost looked different than mine. Older in a way. Maybe it was dusty. They had it parked on the lowest shelf of the right most glass display case. Basically it'll be the last thing your eyes meet if you are just browsing. But I digress.
So I am proclaiming the virtues of this fabulous piece of budget gear as the sales guy cuts in and exclaims that the only thing he doesn't like about it was that "it uses a wall wart." !What? I couldn't believe my ears (no pun intended). He was evaluating a piece of audio equipment purely by technical specs, asthetics and "rightness." I was absolutely flabergasted. Then I remembered where I was: Sam Ash.
I guess that's the market they cater to.

As a funny coincidence, as I am writing this I am listening to 95.5 KLOS and they are playing a Sam Ash commercial with the obligatory "crazy sales idiot" screaming about the "outrageous" deals on all the "coolest" gear. I am in radio hell. And JI'm Ladd isn't even on tonight. Well, at least the Buddy Guy show was pure fire.