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I need advice! ibook G4 recording with Logic Express

I am currently recording, editing, mixing with Logic Express on my ibook G4. I have been doing this over the past year and I really love Logic Express.
My audio engine gets bogged down when I playback too many tracks at once. Is there a solution that won't compromise my playback ability? I am using 768 MB DDR SDRAM on a 1.33 GHz PowerPC G4. I also have a 7200 external harddrive, which I have not used yet for recording. Would this help the audio engine problem? I use the computer mic, which works surprisingly well. I know I need to invest in a condensor mic soon, but I want something affordable and reliable. I am looking into the FIREPOD. Any suggestions on another interface, mic, recording software, etc.

Thanks in advance.



gdoubleyou Thu, 07/20/2006 - 15:27

The drive will absolutely help, from what I remember the internal drives are 5400rpm. More RAM wouldn't hurt.

Also the way that OSX works it will ALLWAYS use part of your hardrive for virtual memory, when you open Logic it will use more, add effects more virtual memory used, then you playback tracks, and attempt to record.

You have several threads trying to access the same hard drive at the same time. OSX will allways have priority and may delay other threads to handle it's business.

I have a 1GHz powerbook, and I have no problems with sessions of 32-48 tracks with Logic Express using an external firewire drive.

I would think you would have a noise problem with internal mike when the fan kicks into gear.

Take a look at the M-Audio fast track for $99 will get you by until you save cash for the firepod. I use the fast track when I'm traveling, got a MOTU 828 at home.