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I want hear some opinions from Logic Pro 8 users!

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Hello guys!

We just got a Mac Pro on the studio with Logic Pro 8 as well!

And I must admit. Its really a very cool appz and the interface, the way the program handles with audio its just amazing

I am very confortable working in Nuendo 3 with Waves,
Urs and
Oxford plug-ins before in a Windows XP pc

And I am wondering now if I can get the same results with the native logic plug-ins ? are they
at the same quality of the ones I mentioned (waves, urs and Oxford)?

I am not planning to start that eternal war between appz. But since I have both in the studio now. I would like get into logic as well!

Any words of someone experienced in Logic will be welcome

Thanx in advance for any tips and ideas!


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gdoubleyou Thu, 03/13/2008 - 12:17
In my opinion Logic has the most complete set of bundled plugs, the quality is quite good. Use the include plugs first to see if they fit your needs.

Haven't used the UAD plugs, but I get good results from the included plugs.

The only plugs that I added were the suite of plugs from Elemental Audio, that are now distributed by Roger Nichols.

The Sony Oxford plugs are now available in the audio Unit format.