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ISO Adapter - Bogen Manfrotto 5/8 stud to 5/8-27 thread

There are a lot of kewl and versatile lighting mounts for photography and it seems like they'd be good to have around for creative mic mounting problems. I've seen the studs with 1/4" thread on one end and 3/8" thread on the other - a 3/8-16-5/8-27 bushing could go on those and then a mic clip/shock-mount, but too many adapters and such leads to having stuff move when you don't want it to.

Does anyone know of a source for such a 1-piece adapter - again, that's from a 5/8" lighting-type stud to a 5/8-27 mic-stand thread. I designed one the other day and sent the drawing to a machine shop for a quote. I have to buy quite a few to make them affordable.

If nobody knows of an existing source for such bits, is there any interest out there if I were to buy a bunch to sell?