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Jeff Buckley / Andy Wallace

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with all the talk of hits and mixes lately - was wondering if anyone has taken a good ear to Buckley's "Grace".

I never really gave a serious listen to any of the Buckley albums - yet it was the mix that I decided to "study" last night before a few hours of sleep.

The songs are well writen - lyrics are good, performaces are tight and emotional - Things don't sound as up-front as I would like in most cases (especially the vocal) - but it totally works for these songs.

The arangements - very tight, either a very tight group of musicians, or some great punches. Either way, a lot of little things in some of the songs that made me want to listen to it with cans again.

anyone else give this one a listen, I think its some really good work and is just a really well done album (even though I don't really care for music - yet I do at the same time )

take care - Jason C. Crouch


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archived member Wed, 05/02/2001 - 18:30
from listening - you can tell it's an analog console mix - due to the way some mutes cut in.

from what I could dig up, they mainly mentioned Bearsville in their notes - so I would like to think it was mixed on their custom "Who" Neve.

Dynamic range sums the album up - it gets a tad bright at points - but things just seem right for the songs, to the point its hard to imagine them done otherwise - which to me is a job well done

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Rader Ranch Thu, 05/03/2001 - 09:55
well, to me this is an album where i feel the overall mix is good, but the rhythm section sounds lack character...the bass is non-descript, and the drums sound too processed and sterile...this isn't a disc i've listened to in depth with an ear for the technical so much.

i have, however, listened to it a thousand times for the music. the album is effing brilliant...Jeff Buckley was a wonderfully original songwriter and an amazing vocalist, and it still makes me sick when i think of him dying so early (in both his life and career).

and i too don't mind the fact that this in an album for which i have to use the volume control while listening in my car ...because it actually gets quite for more than a few seconds sometimes! fancy that...

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archived member Thu, 05/03/2001 - 10:23
Yes Yes. Great album in most every way. I love the fact that it makes you listen. It feels as if there is space for the listener to "crawl into" the mixes.
While, now that I think about it, there are sounds that could have been more up front, I love this album because I have never thought about it(till now). There is SUCH a huge vibe going on that it is impossible to imagine it any other way.
That to me is a great mix.

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archived member Tue, 05/29/2001 - 22:09
Originally posted by Ang1970:
It's one of my faves.

I played it in the car one day for a producer friend of mine. He commented that they didn't do a very good job mastering, cuz "it gets softer and louder in places".
reply by Brad Blackwood:
Run away from him while you have the chance!!!

definetly Brad. i agree 100%.Please guys do avoid people who are looking for maximum volume everywhere in music. "grace" is a masterpiece. not only the music , the songwriring and the performance are so emotional that you could have had it tracked with a tascam 4 track cassette and no one could complain,but the sound quality is is so natural and clean at the same time, also thanks to the wide dynamic range (thank god).
In my humble opinion i hear vocals tracked with a tube comp (summit ?) and the band probably recorded onto analog.
I don't hear SSL sounds, that's why (thank god) it doesn't sound too squashed and today's rock'n'roll oriented. It's perfect for Jeff Buckley music.It would be nice to have detailed infos on the session though.
cheers to you all