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Jewal case paper in bulk - where can I find?

Hello everyone,

I am glad my last post was so heated! It is nice to see so many responces from RO members. I hope we can keep the fires burning here! I know I will do everything I can to be a good active member here, I always was before the delemia.

My qestion concerns a problem that has had me stumped and in low waters for quite some time.

I produce (or will be Produceing) over 30 album releases in the next couple of years and I do all the work myself. I record, perform, engineer and produce the music often to great satisfaction, however I can not seem to find a company that issues "PAPER" for the artwork!

Yes I am aware of those "Staple" brand "Neto" packages that charge you a $1.00 per paper, but they also only distribute in 25 sheet amounts.

I need thousands of "Jewal case incerts" , both jackets (folded - 4 sides) and the "Spine back flap card."

I am planning on getting very shortly a nice "Disc printer" for the CD lables, hoorey, no more paper labels on the CDs!

It is sooooooooo easy to find CDRs, why cant I get the paper just as easily? I can't seem to get a witness on the acompaning concern of paper artwork?

Please no one suggest someone to do it for me...this is what I will be doing soon full time and I all I require is for the packageing to be as easy as it is getting the CDs and Jewal case trays.

I have tried looking/asking everyone for the past year and a half, but to no avail!

Where does one go, when not looking for another company to do the work?

Thank you in advance.

Peace & Dreams,


knightfly Tue, 07/02/2002 - 06:38

Hey JT - I just checked out some links and have come to the conclusion you're right - all I found was the "two-up" peel-off, in quantities of 100 or so. If you haven't already been there, here are a couple of the links FWIW -

Don't expect much, but if you're like me, you wanna check for yourself...

From what I've seen, depending on what you mean by "Where does one go, when not looking for another company to do the work?" Unless you want to start your own print shop, the only way I know of to get pro looking, both sides printed type inserts, is to do the design in Photoshop, take the disk to a good local printer, and spec the exact paper size/type/color/quantity. It is much cheaper/faster/better looking to do this than to try to "roll yer own" buying 100-packs, even if you could find the right size paper that ISN'T stuck to a full-size "carrier". My son has his own graphic design business, and he NEVER in-houses what he can get done cheaper/faster elsewhere. He is small, just himself and one partner, and there just isn't time to "rube goldberg" what you can get done by the same methods the "big boys" use.

If you're still looking for a paper source, have you tried asking some of the printers locally who they use? I know there's a very precise spec on dimensions for inserts, as they have to fit snug enough between the tabs in a jewel case but not too snug - As far as buying "bulk inserts", you may never find them since most people prefer the easy/cheap path as I outlined above. Hope this was at least a tiny bit of help; if you'd like, I can ask my son to comment when he gets some time... Steve

Mad John Tue, 07/02/2002 - 09:54


Thank you for your quike and kind responce, I really apreciate it!

To answer your qestion, no, I haven't yet tried the print shop, I was really thinking since CD paper is Standard size and not just for music, but all computer CDs.

My wife thought perhaps a computer company might be of some help.

It does seem curious that since the dawn of high quility home printers/scanners, you name it, one has the ability with graphics to do amazeing things.

Why do I have to go to a "Dupe House" in order to do the very complicated and personal "Artwork" that I have in mind?

I have Adobe 5.0 and would really like to not have to deal with a print shop. They are not good with Art. At least the "Kinkos" that I have been to are more use to copying Forms than seriously involved CD (which is so damn small) artwork.

I have so many albums to release that i am afraid I simply must do it myself.

By all means Knightfly, see if your son may be able (in his own good time of course) to find out something, i sure would apreciate it!

Curious G, thank you too!


droog Wed, 07/03/2002 - 00:24

john, i make all the artwork in-house, save the stuff as a pdf file, burn it on a cd and take it down to the local printer

i once worked out that if i did it all at home, it would cost me about a $1 more per record, so off i go to the printer (i have suppled my own paper in the past, mind you, when i wanted something special)

i guess, it's cheaper, 'cos they buy it all in bulk (ink, paper, photocpier fluid etc)

Mad John Wed, 07/03/2002 - 06:04

Max, hello,

Are you satisfied with the results? That seems like a good method, I just want to make the quality as high as possible, but you are saying my best bet is to do all the Artwork and then have the printshop do the paper work?

You know I was thinking about getting one of those CD printers that puts the image directly on the Cd, rather than use the paper to stick on the CD.

You said also that it cost you a doller more a CD when you did the paper work yourself. What is the cost per CD for your basic 2 flap incert Cd artwork?

Thank you for your help Max,

eagner Wed, 07/03/2002 - 07:08

Last time I did the DIY route for 100 or so CD-R's, the final cost was something like $5/disk to produce it, just for materials. Color copying is about the same cost as home "inkjet printing" if you're laying down a lot of ink.

If you have a CD commercially pressed and the package offset printed by a commercial printer, your cost is a LOT closer to $1/disk. WIth lots of possible steps in between depending on how much work you want to do yourself.

Just think about what your time is worth--yeah, you can do it yourself, but after you spend the money AND the time, is that what you want to be doing?

Kirk Candlish Wed, 07/03/2002 - 07:54

Just think about what your time is worth

My thoughts exactly. With all of the companies doing duplication for so cheap and with good quality why would you want to waste your time ?

droog Wed, 07/03/2002 - 13:16


yes, i'm happy with the results, i like their output better in fact

i have a printer for mock ups, but the economies of scale...

i am, however, burning small runs of cd's at home

and thinking about one of those print on cd printers...

it costs me ~$au3/cd to do at home, and $2 with the printers' help