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Just bought a UAD-1e Expert PAK

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Ok so I haven't got it yet, but I am dreaming about it already. I have $750 dollars worth of coupons for plugins to use up at thier online store.

I only want compressors and EQ's for now:

So far I am thinking:
1) Fairchild 670
2) LA-2A
3) Neve 1073 EQ
4) 1176LN
5) Precision De-Esser

What UAD plug ins do you like best?
What plug ins would you pick up?


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Cucco Thu, 03/13/2008 - 06:50
I can tell you what I have and use religiously -

1176LN - F'ing fanastic. I had an 1176 and sold it since the plug in version really does sound JUST like it without having to hassle with re-tracking, etc.

Fairchild - this has to be used wisely. If not careful, this can suck the life (and the bass) out of a mix. It works great on drums and voice and amazing on guitars! I wanted to try to use it on mixes more, but found that it does WAY too much even with modest signals. The Vari-Mu has it beat for use on complete mixes.

Precision EQ - LOVE it. It's very transparent and very effective

Pultec Pro - Also love it. It's anything but transparent. Just turning it on in the mix changes the sound even with everything at 0. It can really thicken and add depth to bass, vox, guitars, etc.

Precision Multi-Band (I know...the horror!!!).

I use this as a dynamic EQ and as a Dynamic noise reduction tool quite effectively.

I'm looking at the Neve stuff for my next purchase but haven't ponied up the dough yet.