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Klark Teknik quality

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the forum subject is:
producers, engineer, HARDWARE,
so I'm gonna ask a simple question:
anyone knows something abotu Klark Teknik products quality?
Especially the old products, like DN780 (reverb with remote), DN500 (comp), DN300 (EQ).
I would really like to know what other things about those products, the looks like they are build quite good, but I've never worked with one, so.



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21 years 2 months

Guest Tue, 02/27/2001 - 03:38
I've never played with the DN 500 "compressor" (frankly, I didn't know they made one, but it doesn't surprise me).

The DN 780 is a pretty cool sounding reverb, their equalizers are also of excellent quality. Whenever we've added an equalizer to control room monitors, it has always been either a K-T graphic, or parametric. I've also found them to be of excellent quality for recording purposes.

The stuff is built well, and IMHO, sounds excellent.