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in the left corner we have a

Great River MP-2NV (or a 7th circle 2nv really)
preamp. and in the right corner we have the Avalon tube preamp
these have been something i have been eyeing on and unfortunatly i have yet to hear an avalon.i am aware many hip hop and r & b locals consider this an industry standard. Can some one help me out here on giving the pro's and cons of these components?
thank you



jonnyc Wed, 11/09/2005 - 11:08
I can't remember if it was here, homerecording, or gearslutz that I saw it but someone had a poll of some sort asking what the most overrated piece of gear was. It was unbelievable how many people said the avalon 737. I always thought it was a sweet lookin pre and thought it would be decent sounding for the price but after seeing so many people bash it, I'm no longer interested. I've heard several recordings with the GR and I'd have to say I'm very impressed.

moonbaby Wed, 11/09/2005 - 11:16
I have had a couple of clients bring their Avalon 737 in with them to overdub. This was at their insistance. One had these godawful ugly PURPLE knobs and graphics, the other was a "newer" version with lots of pretty gold-and-silver hardware. The 737 is a great channel strip, but it gets old really fast. It basically imparts a "warm-and-fuzzy" timbre to whatever you are tracking. That's OK for ONE track, like a lead vocal or a guitar, but no matter how we set the controls, the build-up of "muddiness" was inherent when used on several tracks in the mix. I think that's why there are always several for sale on E-bay. There were also issues with microphonic tubes, but that's another story. IMHO, it's kind of a one-trick pony. But it DOES do some nice things to many folks' voices. And it sure is purdy, ain't it?
The Great River has great reputation as a PRE. No fancy signal processing, just great sound. And 2 channels, not just 1. For no more $$$. But a lot more transparent and useable. I can recommend another alternative in that price range- the True Systems P2. I have had very good results with mine, and the DI on it is the most "accomodating" that I have run across. Plus, it features a "phase correlation meter" which has helped me keep my stereo overheads (a pair of Avensons) in check. And for about $1500.00, a great deal. Check it out.

anonymous Wed, 11/09/2005 - 20:39
thanks for the input . i think the safest way for me to get the preamp you put together your self . i have read into it and im gonna hopefully go on with it. the pre i am possibly gonna build is from seventh circle studios and its supposed to compare to a great river 2nv.
One question . i plan on using this preamp for alot of direct synths like my motif or other sorts maybe some modeled guitar programs. would this peice of worth be still a recommendable choice? th@nk you guys so much

Kev Fri, 11/18/2005 - 13:43
atlasproaudio wrote: Do you mean there is a 7th Circle Great River 2NV clone?
Could you elaborate.

not a clone but parts and construction is similar ... (not the slide in card approach)
... but the way the circuit works

this puts them on the same side of the fence when comparing to an Avalon 737


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