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Listening on protools

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Hi All,

Please try to check the listening on protools,i have PT HD on Pc and Cubase SX 4.5 on the same pc,and i am using the Digidesign Asio for Cubase, means both output from the same hardware (I/O 192),same monitors,same level,now after i open 1 simple loop on PT i hear the loop more punchy ,the same loop i open it on cubase it doesn't have the same punch.

Now i export the loop from both software PT & SX and i listen' t on Sound forge and on wavelab and iTune on the same hardware (Digidesign),

i see that both exported loops sounds the same on all the software except PT.
Means on protools i hear something and after the export we hear different think even we are using the same PT Hardware.

Please any 1 can try 't and let me know,try with any simple loop.

Thank you.


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RemyRAD Mon, 10/27/2008 - 16:16
ProTools functions much differently than other software's. Sounds get processed in real-time. You have things turned on in ProTools that is affecting the playback. This is called operator error. Bouncing around between different software's is very confusing. You need to learn each one very well so as not to make these mistakes. You do not have a thorough understanding of ProTools.

You only need to use one kind of software to make a recording. It doesn't matter if things sound different. You just need to learn how to make a good recording first. You are probably having trouble understanding instructions in English? Yes? Things are frequently misunderstood in translations. And what language is it that you speak? It sure isn't English.

I don't do good English because I was born here. Not sure what they don't call my language American? Because I don't sound like John Paul George or Ringo.

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Ms. Remy Ann David

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Member Mon, 10/27/2008 - 16:36
Right i am not an English man, but i can understand,
Thanks for your reply and i advice you to check out what i am talking about.
And how it doesn't matter if things sound different???
So i need to focus on my monitor how its sound and to keep on mind the software sound different and god knows after bounce how it will be??!!!!

If with just 1 loop there is different in sound, what about a session with 60 plus tracks???