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Live recording, mixed at home

Here's something I'm working on for fun. I'm pretty happy with where the mix is going but certainly open to critique. Used an XLR split from the house mics plus a few mics of my own to my GB2R/HD24 setup.

Mixed and mastered at home on my 5.1 system, though mostly in 2.1 mode.

(Beware the F-bomb at the start if you're at work or whatever.)


Attached files

Ginger Slap! live at Nissi's Stay the Same 01.mp3 (11 MB) 


Sean G Mon, 02/01/2016 - 22:05

For me recording live is always a challenge, each one being different in its own way.

I did a couple over the xmas / new year break up the north coast on some friends live pub gigs recently.

Having to try and capture the esscence of a live performance, the dynamics that come along with it such as how the band locks in on the night, the gear, the room, the overall balance, working with limited recording gear and the crowd just to name a few. It certainly is a test that I find I'm sometimes overcompensating for.

I think there has to be some give and take with a live recording, just as it is when you see a band live, thats a given.
But in many ways thats what makes a live recording too, those nuances that make it what it is. Unique in its own way, like capturing a moment in time.

I can't think of the last major act to put out a live album...I'd have to rack my brain and search my album collection to find seems to be something that is being lost in the digital age IMO.

I think you have done a good job capturing the esscence of the night here Boulder...there are things you can compensate for, like you suggested with things like automation, but some things are quintessential with a live recording, they go hand in hand like the performance does on each occasion...and makes each one unique.



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