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Logic 5.5 on PC, SATA Audio drive - Synch error, SR not rec.

Anyone other than me still running Logic 5.5 on a PC?

I recently bought a snazzy new Western Digital Raptor 150GB 10k rpm SATA drive, but when I try to use it as an audio drive in Logic, I get a "Error Trying To Synchronise Audio And MIDI, Sample Rate 43978 (or something else unusual, i.e. not 44.1k or 48k or multiple) Recognised"

I've shipped across sessions from my IDE drive and get the above fault, and I've also started new sessions on the SATA drive but get the same error.

Anyone else come across this?

Tearing my hair out, having spent all that money on "the fastest non-scsi hard drive available today".

The Raptor works perfectly well for other things, like playing films / mp3s etc., and when I copied sessions that I've got the error on from the SATA drive BACK to the IDE drive, they work fine, so presumably it's something to do with communication with the SATA drive.

Please help,


Spec.: AMD Athlon 2100 overclocked to 2500, 2GB Corsair factory-matched pair Dual Channel Mode DDR466 RAM, E-Mu APS, Gigabyte nForce 2 board with onboard SATA / SATA RAID.