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I installed Logic Pro 8 on my Imac (running OS Tiger and Pro Tools LE 7.3) two days ago, and a message appears when opening Logic: "Error Code 28773 was returned by the Audio driver".
Digidesign HW (002) is selected as the audio device in logic preferences.
I also noticed Itunes won't work if 002 is chosen for audio in/output in preferences. I made all the updates available for my system.
Pro Tools works with no trouble. what to do?


zzzounds Wed, 12/03/2008 - 04:43

"Can you use Digidesign HW with Logic?"

you should! digidesign hardware works as an audio interface, and the only limitation to it (regarding DAW's) is that if you want to use Pro Tools you need a specified hardware for it (digidesign or m-audio). what I can't figure out is the core audio driver problem, and i've just been around and around in the computer/logic/pro tools set up to fix it. can you give me any hint on how to do it?
thanks §