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Logic Pro Vs ?

Well I’ve been reading allot about music software, I thought what better place to ask for help then here. Since everyone here is very knowledgeable. But I’ve been playing around with Logic Express, and was going to drop some funds on Logic Pro. Then a friend say that I should look into Cubase SX3 or Pro Tools before I make that choice, and that took me for a spin after reading about them. What making me think allot, if I make a project or learn how to use logic Pro very well, I get a chance to work in a studio, it seems it be hard to use what everyone uses in the studios, Most of the post I’ve read they are using Pro Tools or Cubase. Or am I wrong in the assumption. I like Logic there is a big learning curve for me, because I’m still learning. But when I get a chance to work in a studio, I don’t want to be behind because I didn’t learn the program most studio uses. And I know there will be some of you that will say, well if most studio use it then learn what they have. First I can afford Pro Tools plus the hardware. Second I have this feeling that learning logic there something about it that those program won’t have once I get to the Logic Pro level. Allot of people I read don’t like the way logic arrange window is setup, it not that bad, but maybe I think that way because I have not use the their software. I just am assuming all this. This is the reason why I asking for help. And if there more info to tell me what better then others. Maybe any web site people talk or to compare each other. I’m always open to any new ideas.

TY again.


johnthemiracle Sun, 02/26/2006 - 15:46
i think you are wrong when you're assuming that primarily cubase and protools are used in professional studios. for audio production protools may be the workhorse of choice, but i get the impression that for music composition and production logic is used more widely on a professional level than cubase. i have to add that once you mastered one of these programs you'll be able to use the other ones with not too much of an effort, they're quite similar in what they do, there are some differences in how they do it. cubase and logic even allow you to define your own keycommands...

Pro Audio Guest Sun, 02/26/2006 - 23:13
I compose for TV and use MOTU's Digital Performer to create and mix tracks. And it suits me well. Check it if you're interested:

But one could certainly do just as well using the top tier versions of ProTools, Cubase, Logic or Sonar. These pro-level apps are essentially parity products; they all accomplish the same thing, by and large. And all are used by pros.

It all comes down to user comfort level, I think. Research as much as you can, then pick the app you think will best serve the way you like to work.

And don't let yourself get bogged down by things like software platform or popularity. That's all surface-level argument stuff. In the end, all that really matters is that you work with a tool that complements your approach to making music.

I know that the clients I work with don't care what tools artists use. They only want the tracks to sound great and be delivered on time.

IIRs Mon, 02/27/2006 - 02:24
chrispick wrote:
I know that the clients I work with don't care what tools artists use. They only want the tracks to sound great and be delivered on time.

What he said. Try out all the demo versions and buy the one that feels most comfortable to you.

I like [[url=http://[/URL]="http://www.mackie.c…"]Tracktion[/]="http://www.mackie.c…"]Tracktion[/] these days, though I grew up with Cubase :)

Pro Audio Guest Mon, 02/27/2006 - 18:14
Ok that sound like a plan. Ya i been useing logic for a couple day, and I just like the feel. SOme of it control are hard to understand. But everytime I find how to do someting, there another feature that makes the sound, sound even better. But ya Im going to stick with Logic,plus I bought Martin Sitter Book Logic Pro to help. But thank you for helping.