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Mac mastering software

Just wondering if you guys mught have any suggestions for editing/mastering software for the Mac platform. I'm running Logic and am a bit frustrated by it's editing capabilites (or lack thereof). I really don't need "mastering" software, per se, as I'm going to be outsourcing my final mixes to someone more qualified, but I'd like the option to tweak my mixes beyond what Logic offers. So, in short, I don't need $3000 software such as Sequoia. I've been checking out Bias Peak but was unsure if there's anything better. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


gdoubleyou Fri, 05/12/2006 - 07:12
I've been using Sound Track Pro lately, it contains all of the Logic Pro effects.
Space Designer is an excellent convuloution reverb.

I'm currently on Logic Express, just having access to the effects has convinced me to move up to Logic Pro.

STP also has some nice sound design features also. Also can use Audio Unit effects.

The undo function is great, you can undo in any order you wish.

If you own any of the individual apps that now come bundled with the Final Cut Pro Suite, you can upgrade to the suite for $199.

The upgrade path was the reason I picked up STP.

Apple has taken the individual apps from thier stores, but some can still be found at some resellers. I found mine at CompUSA.

8-) 8)

Pro Audio Guest Sun, 04/23/2006 - 15:26
I use Peak Pro 5 in conjunction with UAD-1 precision plugs, PSP Vintage Warmer and Ozone Izotope for in-the-box mastering and conversion. Works well for me. Another app you might consider in lieu of Peak: DSP Quattro. Peak does the job for me though.

I should add that my work (composing for tv/videogames) usually precludes me using a legit Mastering Engineer and mastering house. Too many unpredictable deadlines. If I were to make music exclusively for listening (i.e., release an album) though, I'd go the mastering house route.