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Marshall V67 vs. AT 3035

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What you guys think about those? I like AT a lot, solid built mics. I have a pair of 3525 and I love'em. I had a MXL 2001 and I have a 603s... I like'em too but not as much as the ATs. can you guys help me with this one?


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21 years 3 months

archived member Sun, 02/10/2002 - 08:39
I have a pair of AT3035's and i've used them on pretty much everything. They sound great on most sources except for electric guitar (at least for my tastes). Overheads were clear and punchy on drums, acoustic guitar has some nice tones without getting muddy, and vocals are adequate at times.

with vocals, i think you DEFINITELY don't want to get too close because i've picked up a lot of P's on there on one track i recorded.

they're a great value, built well, and have a roll off switch and pad. oh, they come with a shockmount too. the only thing i wished for, really, is that they came with a proper case! the pouch can't fit the shockmount AND the mic at once.

Oh well, go try them out!
(ps. i'm about to get a pair of studio projects C1's and think those will get a lot of use along side my 3035's).