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Mastering software? Joe Lambert.

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What is the best sounding mastering software for processing audio?
And what software has the best mastering plugins?

For now I'm using Logic with my selections of Waves and UAD plugins, but i feel i could get more out of working with a system like Sonic Solutions.

What do you think Joe Lambert? what have you tried?
...And what have you others tried and like best?



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Michael Fossenkemper Tue, 10/07/2003 - 18:41
All of the top systems are know for their editing, assembling and sonic integrity. Sonic HD has I think 1 eq that is ok. most of the plugins are for noise and a quick fix, not for main processing. All of the guys I know that use Sonic, sadie, sequia process with dedicated outboard. I once used a classic sonic system's eq's and compressor and thought it sounded horrid. Plugins are designed as a cheap alternative to hardware, not a better. At least not yet.

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joe lambert Wed, 10/08/2003 - 14:40
Thanks for asking.

I use Sonic Solutions HD as my main system. I will do spot fixes, no noise, de clicking and that sort of work in the computer. But 99% of my eq, compression... is done with hi end outboard analog and digital gear.If you want check out my website to see a list of the gear I use.

Logic, Pro Tools, all those systems are great for tracking and mixing if you want to work that way. My opinion is if you want world class mastering you need to use the best outboard processing. There is no comparison. For several reasons.