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Metal or Cloth

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--Metal pop filter screens or cloth pop filter screens--

Who prefers what...and why? Pro and on and so....

Brands you've had the best luck with?



K & M?

Music Accessories filters?


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moonbaby Thu, 11/01/2007 - 22:03
Metal does have the advantage of being easily cleaned. A quick spraying with some Lysol and a paper towel and I'm ready for the next heavy breather...
One of the great tips I got here on RO:
There are these kitchen tools called "splatter screens". These are a circular metal mesh screen, about 8" in diameter, with a wire handle. They were designed to lay on top of a frying pan to minimize grease splattering (duh!). They also make a great pop screen!!!! It took a couple of monthly trips to my local Dollar Store to find them, and when I did, I snapped up half a dozen. I duct tape them to a gooseneck, and usually stretch a section of pantyhose over them, VOILA!!! I find this works better than ANY commercial screen!