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Mixerman's dissapearing name

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Yes, my name has been eradicated from the mixing forum here at RO.

ProSoundWeb has asked me to moderate a forum there. Yes, they are paying me. But if you consider the amount of hours that I will be putting into it, it's hardly worth the price of admission.

I mix for a living. When I get home from mixing I don't really have this pressure to moonlight, if you know what I mean. In other words, it's not about the money.

Allot of hours went into this decision. I struggled with it. Once I accept money for something, it becomes work. I'm not happy about this being work. But I have relationships with people, and those relationships come into consideration when making decisions.

I'm not leaving RO as a member. I'll be here all the time. I'm not moving the Mixfest 2001. It's staying right here where it started. I'm just not going to be the moderator anymore. I've given Chris a couple of suggestions, and it's up to hI'm now.

RO is a great place, and I had a great time here as moderator. Thanks.