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mixing question 2

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When I play in position 1 on my guitar, voice and guitar occupy a lot of the same frequencies.

With just voice and guitar in the mix, what would you be doing with the EQ? I'm okay EQing the tracks individually, but I'm wondering about them together. Do guitar and voice typically fight each other frequency-wise? What to listen for?


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21 years 3 months

archived member Sat, 09/08/2001 - 07:35
Well, you know, for this project there isn't one mic, there's two, cuz I'm doing it folksinger-style, close-miking voice and guitar at the selfsame instant.

Also, I'm wondering more about the mix, not the tracking of the sound or the room. I'm wondering if people who do this all the time typically work the EQ for just guitar and voice together? Are there patterns that often emerge?