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Monster Pro MP 3500, is it worth the $ ?


I've learned from other forum members about the hi-end power conditioners like Equi-tech and SurgeX and all that. but i'm going for something cheaper, like the Monster MP 3500. does anyone own/have any experiences with it? the features look good, but then again i'm no electronics expert.

Logic Pro 7 (ab)User


Pro Audio Guest Tue, 07/18/2006 - 19:31
i do believe that they can clean up your sound. i have a pro 7000 that i love, i am having to part with it right now, but it was worth every cent i paid. it is 6 months old and i am selling very cheap. might be good if you are looking into a higher end power protector. these models offer other features than just surge protection also.hti me up if you wnat a price

Cucco Tue, 07/18/2006 - 19:48
stavriks wrote: hmm...thanks Cucco. Can you tell me a little bit of how you have your gear hooked up to it, using the sequenced power on/off etc? Should the computer and monitor be hooked up to it as well as the interface, monitors, preamps and outboard? thanks again

Well...I plug stuff in and then I turn it on.... :lol:

I only have preamps and outboard gear plugged into it.

Amps, computers, monitors, etc. are plugged into dedicated power sources. Computers and monitors go into an APC UPS and Amps directly into the outlet.


TuBlairy Wed, 07/19/2006 - 04:17
I recently purchased the Monster Pro 7000. The piece seems to function well. I have had a couple of problems with the machine which I wrote to monster about and recieved no response. I live in asia and the nearest dealers don't seem to handle this product. The product had broken off ground plug when it arrived, meaning somebody dropped it, which wasn't monsters fault, but when i asked them what to do, they didn't respond. Also the two three-pin lights that came with it worked for about 7 minutes each before failing. The also got very hot. Anyway, I get the feeling the marketing is more important to this company than performance and customer satisfaction.

Pro Audio Guest Wed, 07/19/2006 - 08:42
i never had any issues with mine other than one of the bulbs were broken in the pack. Nevertheless, these units also garantee that anything plugged into them wont get fried which is the reason i bought mine, the fact that the unit actuall cleaned up my sound was an added bonus. Also shipping damages should be taken up with the shipper and not reflect on the company shipping. i would think that the way mine came packed directly from monster that there is no way the shipper could have damaged the unit. i would think it was a manufactorer defect. In which case the manufactorer should take responsibilty.

TuBlairy Wed, 07/19/2006 - 22:01
Mine also came in the monster packaging. I feel the the plug in particular was not well packaged as it is quite fragile apparently. A fitted foam panel in the back of the packaging may have solved this problem. Anyway, my point was that I wanted to get it fixed even if I end up paying - downtime costs me a lot more. Monster has a toll free number for the USA which is inaccessible to me, and I haven't seen a regular number for international support which was why I sent them an email through their own system which was not responded to.

For me service is at least as important as a warranty.