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MOTU 4Pre & Cubase Artist 6, Having Trouble Getting Started

Hi, brand new to the forum and fairly new to home recording. Previously I was an Avid user of Garage Band when I had a Mac, but when my old Powerbook Ti finally became fully obsolete I didn't have the money for another Mac. I ended up with a Lenovo (Idea Pad, I think) laptop and so I'm now using Windows 7. After doing some research it seemed like the MOTU 4 Pre and Cubase Artist 6 were the way to go but I'm having trouble getting going. I believe I've installed everything correctly, but I can't seem to get a track set up. I'm a bassist (don't hold it against me!), and not technically inclined, and manuals that aren't completely straightforward make my eyes crossed.

So... any tips or step-by-step quick start instructions for how to set up a track using this interface and DAW? Oh, until the used Avalon U5 I ordered shows up I'm going to use an Aguilar Tone Hammer DI for direct sound through the 4Pre.

Many thanks!