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Why do you very pro mastering guys hate multiband compression so much?

I am doing junior mastering and all I can do is upgrade to the next step which is Waves Master bundle, etc etc.

Also, why are the high mids the most colored after multiband compression? Yes, I have tested it with other sources and with different mixing engineers.

This one is good for Bill, Cedar, Michael..


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joe lambert Fri, 01/31/2003 - 10:35

I don't use multi band compression often. But other guys here at Classis use the new TC 6000 multi band and love it.

The main reason's I dont is that most people use it as a low end volume controle which I don't usually find necessary. Also I don't like what different attack/ realease settings do to the rythmic feel of a song.


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Michael Fossenkemper Sat, 02/01/2003 - 05:39
The main reason I don't use a multiband unless all else fails is that it changes the relationship of the elements in the mix. and it dynamically does this. so as the mix get louder and softer, the multiband changes the mix. with certain types of music, this isn't a problem, Dance, hip hop, things that are constant through out the mix. It also changes the frequency structure of individual instruments which can be a big problem in music like jazz. If the frequency structure of something needs to be changed, an eq will do this and keep it constant where as a multiband will constantly change as the dynamics change.

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archived member Sat, 02/01/2003 - 06:08
I think the biggest problem with multiband compression is that companies like TC sell it as the Golden Bullet of mastering. As Michael said above, it does change the sound and usually not for the better!

If you are looking for a good mastering tool, try the Eventide DSP 7500. It has everything you need in dynamic control. Add the SPL Vitalizer and most important of all, the very best EQ you can lay your hands on (though there is a very good EQ in the Eventide as well!)

And multiband? I never use it.